Have you ever had the idea of hiring an artist to create a painting just for you? It’s a concept most people don’t realize is available. Do you have a favorite toy or snack that evokes a nostalgic memory? How about that cherished toy that your child was reluctant to give up, even into adulthood? I can make a painting of that for you.

How does an artist, such as me, create a work of art from a client’s request and stay true to my own vision?  It is always a bit of a daunting problem. Someone sees my work and loves it.  They have an idea, ” What if you painted …”  They must see something in their minds eye, my Hostess Cupcake morphed into their favorite hamburger and french fries.  That’s where the dialogue begins and that’s where I have to state my boundaries. You like what I do, so let me interpret your subject in my way. There must be a leap of faith on the client’s part.  After all, it all started because they loved my work.  Sometimes its easy, sometimes not.


A while back, a group of old friends from my high school needed a special gift for a mutual friend who was celebrating a momentous anniversary for his business. He is known as “The Popcorn Man.”  I contacted his wife and got samples of his products.  A few days of creative thinking and a very productive photo shoot, (yes, I work from photos that I take) and I had just what I needed.  We were all happy with the result.


Another person contacted me about doing a painting of two of her favorite food groups, pizza and ice cream. It sounded great. How hard could it be? Well, she wanted ice cream in a waffle cone, specifically Baskin Robbins’ Pralines and Cream and a slice of pepperoni pizza with the cheese stretching from it. Could there be a night sky as well? Maybe a city scene with cars headlights? Oh, and the Harley Davidson logo hidden somewhere in the piece?  I’m in trouble now. How can I put all these seemingly disparate elements into one painting?  After much hand wringing, and beads of sweat flying off my brow, I had a brain storm. Make two paintings with the background flowing from one to the other. It worked. We were all happy.

Oh What a Night!, oil on canvas, 30"x 30", 30"x 30"


This painting was great fun. It is a wedding gift. One person is very health conscious, the other loves his junk food.  We were all happy with the result.

Email me today (andrea@andreaalvin.com) for information on pricing and getting started on your project. For any order $1000 or more you will receive a free giclée print. Wow.


"Opposites Attract" Oil on Canvas 30"36"

Andrea Alvin

New Release from Dreamworks Animation Fine Art

I am brand new to the world of Blogging. My objective is to keep you informed of what’s happening in my studio.

I’ve just begun a relationship with Dreamworks Animation Fine art to paint my interpretations of their movies. My first is a celebration of an unlikely love story – Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the hippo. This original painting and a limited edition giclee on canvas are available at: http://www.dreamworksanimationfineart.com/servlet/the-195/Madagascar-Melman-the-Giraffe/Detail

I continue to paint my take on Pop Culture. I have not shown new work in a while. This is one of my recent pieces painted in 2010. When I was growing up, dolls were an important part of my life. They decorated my room. One of my proudest possessions though, was my Roy Rogers dual six guns in a hand tooled genuine plastic holster. Here is my homage to that time.


This painting is 36″x 48″, oil on canvas.

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